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Covid-19 and private healthcare 

The Covid crisis is having a dramatic impact on all areas of life. During this time of unprecedented pressure on our health system, many independent hospitals, NHS Private Patient Units and consultants have been supporting the NHS in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In turn this will have an impact on those of you seeking private treatment, as the health service begins to recover from the last few months. If you are concerned about any treatment or consultations you have booked, we advise you to speak with the hospital directly. Most hospitals have published advice on their websites and have administrative staff on hand to provide the latest information.
If you are seeking broader medical advice, you should get in touch with your GP. There is a helpful video from the NHS on this at the bottom of this page. 

In terms of our website, we did not refresh the information on our website as normal in June, to help hospitals and consultants focus their energies on supporting the NHS during the ongoing crisis. We have now refreshed the data on our website as of 2nd September, including new data on Never Events, as hospitals and consultants return to normal work.
The team at PHIN have provided support and advice for hospitals and consultants and will continue to provide assistance to all where we can.